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New York Times 11/14/2010 - "Should you be snuggling with your cellphone?" - "The cellphone instructions-cum-warnings were brought to my attention by Devra Davis, an epidemiologist who has worked for the University of Pittsburgh and has published a book about cellphone radiation, Disconnect. I had assumed that radiation specialists had long ago established that worries about low-energy radiation were unfounded. Her book, however, surveys the scientific investigations and concludes that the question is not yet settled"
"Henry Lai, a research professor in the bioengineering department at the University of Washington, began laboratory radiation studies in 1980 and found that rats exposed to radiofrequency radiation had damaged brain DNA. He maintains a database that holds 400 scientific papers on possible biological effects of radiation from wireless communication. He found that 28 percent of studies with cellphone industry funding showed some sort of effect, while 67 percent of studies without such funding did so. That's not trivial, he said. " (Read More)

LA Times- Analysis of cellphone studies finds tumor risk-- 10/14/09 Scientists looking at 23 studies involving almost 38,000 people initially see no connection. But a closer look at the highest-quality studies tells another story. "An analysis published Tuesday of data from 23 epidemiological studies found no connection between cellphone use and the development of cancerous or benign tumors. But when eight of the studies that were conducted with the most scientific rigor were analyzed, cellphone users were shown to have a 10% to 30% increased risk of tumors compared with people who rarely or never used the phones. The risk was highest among those who had used cellphones for 10 years or more." (Read More)

CNN - Study links bee decline to cell phones. "A new study has suggested that cell phone radiation may be contributing to declines in bee populations in some areas of the world." (Read More)

Psychology Today Website- Cellphones and Brain Tumors, Reduce Your Exposure Today
Published on March 11, 2010 by Woodson Merrell, M.D. in The Source of Healing
I was shocked to learn that this past November (following close on the heels of an epidemiological review confirming a link between long-term cellphone use and brain cancer in the journal of Surgical Neurology ) the FCC quietly issued the following statement regarding concerns about radio frequency (RF) exposure from cellphones: "Keep wireless devices away from your body when they are on. Do not attach them to belts or carry them in pockets. Use the cell phone speaker to reduce head exposure. Consider texting rather than talking." A link to this statement is now published in the fine print that accompanies a new cellphone, but any thinking citizen has to wonder, why has this crucial health information not been publicized?"
"We know that when a cellphone is used for a prolonged period it can heat up your brain, this is because the electromagnetic waves can pass through your skull and into your brain, where they are capable of altering your DNA. The FCC has set a standard for how much radiation (known as Specific Absorption Rate or SAR) a cellphone can emit: It is currently set at 1.6w/kg. In Germany since 2008 regulators recommend people use cellphones with SAR values of less than 0.6 w/kg--that's less than half of what's allowed in the U.S.
Children are particularly vulnerable. Research published two years ago in the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology revealed that some parts of the brains of children absorb twice as much radiation from cell phones as that of an adult. I was distressed to learn from environmental scientists, Dr. Devra Davis ... (Read More)

CNN Health- "-More muddy water on cell phone use, kids' brain cancer risk-the study by Swiss researchers concludes that "regular users of mobile phones were not statistically significantly more likely to have been diagnosed with brain tumors compared to nonusers."..."The catch? The researchers' definition of a "regular user" was one mobile phone call a week for at least six months. The researchers did not look at exposure time using call duration. Defining a "regular cell phone user" as once a week for at least six months is very low. According to a Pew Research Center study released in 2010, U.S. "teens typically make or receive five calls a day."...as noted by the National Cancer Institute, "The interval between exposure to a carcinogen and the clinical onset of a tumor may be many years or decades.... (Read More)

Cell tower studies from emf-health.com:
"If you or people you know live within a quarter mile of a cell phone tower, this may be of concern. Two studies, one in Germany and the other in Israel, reveal that living in proximity of a cell phone tower or antenna could put your health at significant risk. German study: 3 times increased cancer risk, Israel study: fourfold cancer risk ... (Read More)

Publication: Neurology &    Neurophysiology- The Potential Impact of Mobile Phone Use on Trends in Brain and CNS Tumors "DNA brain cell damage has an average latency time of over 30 years before increased brain cancer rates would be expected. Mobile phone use may lead to a reduced DNA repair function resulting in about a 2-fold increase in brain cancer incidence, or with an increasing rate of initial DNA brain damage from mobile phone use a 25-fold increase in brain cancer incidence may result."... (Read More)

Science Direct.com: "In conclusion, the present study revealed that high radio frequency radiation effects on pituitary adrenal axis represented in the reduction of ACTH, cortisol, thyroid hormones, prolactin in young females, and testosterone levels."... (Read More)

The Australian.com "AUSTRALIAN brain surgeon Charlie Teo is one of 16 world experts who have accused a global newspaper of publishing "technical errors and misleading statements" in an article that rubbished the idea mobile phones cause cancer.
In an open letter, the experts, who work in Europe, the US and Australia and have qualifications in fields such as cancer medicine, public health, statistics and electromagnetism, said the article published in The Economist "fails to provide critical information about this important public health challenge", and demanded that the journal print a correction.
The experts wrote that history was "replete with failures to control highly profitable carcinogenic substances, ranging from tobacco to asbestos, until proof of harm became irrefutable", and suggested on a conservative analysis that mobile phones and other wireless radiation might be seeding 250,000 avoidable brain tumours every year."
The 16 co-authors replied that independent studies had shown mobile phone emissions could damage genetic material, increase the production of DNA-damaging free radicals, and affect the heart, brain, liver and hormone production." ... (Read More)

New Study Shows Cellphones Exceed FCC Exposure Limits by As Much as Double for Children A scholarly article on cell phone safety to be published online October 17 in the journal Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine reports the finding that cell phones used in the shirt or pants pocket exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults. (Read More)

French government bans advertising of mobiles to children - Sunday 11 January 2009
New limits will be placed on radiation levels amid fears of increased risk of cancer from phone use... (Read More)

EMF standards represent a political choice, not an objective scientific determination. That’s a big part of the truth that I wanted to write about... (Read More)

Vista Del Monte Elementary school officials will launch cell tower study to address concerns about cancer... (Read More)

FURY erupted this week over a plan to put up a new mobile phone mast just a few yards from a Bellshill primary school and a nursery... (Read More)

ISLAMABAD: There is dire need to conduct a national study to assess cumulative environmental and health impacts of 26,000 cell phone towers installed in the country... (Read More)

New study warns of risks from emissions, suggests towers be kept away from homes... (Read More)

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Husband's cancer spurs wife to warn of suspected cell phone dangers. (Read More)

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BioInitiative Report : "A rationale for a biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for electromagnetic fields (ELF and RF)". (Read More)

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Recent reports from Sweden and France reveal that adults who have used cellphones for 10 years or more have twice as much brain cancer on the side of their heads most frequently exposed to the phone.  (Read More)

EMR and stress hormones: ...regarding two grandsons with rare immune deficiencies due to _sleeping_ close to electric meters.(Read More)

Annual Report Health Council Netherlands:  In the past three years, clinical data have made clear that... (Read More)

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Royal Society of London Meeting on BioInitiative Report and the Urgent Need for New Biologically-Based Public Exposure Limits.  (Read More)

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This study shows a significantly increased health risk in the vicinity of cell phone base stations and underscored the inadequacy of the currently accepted exposure limits:  (Read More)

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Long-Term, Low-Level Microwave Irradiation of Rats:  (Read More)

This team from Japan has used both CW and simulated phone exposure at levels that would be typical of a phone user...  (Read More)

Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague...the 20th century epidemic of the so called diseases of civilization including cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes and suicide was caused by electrification not by lifestyle.  (Read More)

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