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Defeated Cell Towers

A contentious plan to build an Optus mobile phone base station on top of a Mt Hawthorn shopping centre was rejected by the Town of Vincent last week... (Read More)

Cell phone tower voted down at Wilmette park... (Read More)

Controversial cell tower proposal dropped; debate continues... (Read More)

U.S. Antenna permit denied on health grounds...'Please disable Wi-Fi on Laguna Beach School Campuses'... (Read More)

Park Ridge has disconnected T-Mobile’s plans to erect an 80-foot cellular antenna pole in Northeast Park... (Read More)

Thanks, Ocean City, for saying no to cell tower...Letter to the Editor, shore News Today (Read More)

Virginia community that contacted GOACT successfully opposed cell tower near municipal pool.  (Read More)

Cell tower proposal near a historic site defeated by a coordinated letter writing campaign of local citizens and environmental organizations.  (Read More)

State Supreme Court judge denies cell tower proposal due to the towns local zoning laws.   (Read More)

Plan to bring a cell tower to Condon Park was soundly defeated at Town Meeting after opponents argued the structure could pose unacceptable health risks for children.. (Read More)

Schaumburg trustees voted 5-0 Tuesday night to reject a proposal by T-Mobile to construct cellular towers near two schools.. (Read More)

Alliance of Neighbors of Walt Whitman High School...the Whitman community is notorious for such opposition ever since it defeated a cell tower proposal at Pyle Middle School in 2005.  (Read More)

Cell tower stopped by the Citizens Against the Cell Tower in Holualoa.  The individual who was going to allow the tower on his property decided he did not want all his neighbors against him, and he did not want to be responsible for any possible long term health effects.  (Read More)

The Hempstead Town Board will holds a public hearing on new cell tower regulations meant in part to keep the wireless equipment away from homes and schools.  (Read More)

More towns fight cell towers - increasing evidence of adverse health effects.  (Read More)

LAUSD Calls for Increased Setbacks, Advance Notification on Locations Near Schools.  (Read More)

Douglas County Planning and Zoning meeting denied permits to T-Mobile for two separate tower locations:  ...The tower would be 'an eyesore' and would drive down property values.  (Read More)

Fred Camillo, a state representative from Greenwich, is absolutely right about passing a law that would govern where cell phone towers can and can't go.  (Read More)

Union Township’s zoning Board of Adjustment Wednesday unanimously denied T-Mobile’s application to build a cell tower near a residential neighborhood... (Read More)

The Building Commission denied the Grace Point Church’s request to build the 151 foot tall tower.  (Read More)

Milton Planning Commissiondenied three applications for cell towers. Residents who live near the proposed sites came out in force to object to the 150 ft tall monopoles as both too big and too close to their homes...  (Read More)

Fort Dodge City Council says no to vacating Elmhurst Court, throwing cell tower plan into question, after nine people told them the 150-foot-tall tower would ruin the beauty of the neighborhood and drive down their property values.  (Read More)

Cell tower request to build near Huntington Beach's Harbour View Elementary School was denied, but now a legal battle erupts.  (Read More)

Port St. Lucie rejects cell tower proposal.  “There is no benefit here for the city,” said Vice Mayor Jack Kelly. “Residents don’t want it.”
(Read More)

Group opposes cell tower placement, upset by the size of the tower, its location near the town center and its proximity to populations of elderly residents and the affordable housing complex.  (Read More)

Council nixes controversial cell tower, as more than 1,400 residents have protested having a cell tower in what is largely a residential area.  (http://www.reporternewspapers.net/2010/07/14/council-nixes-controversial-cell-tower/)

Normandy Park rejects controversial cell tower.  The tower would have violated the zoning laws in the area, with the tower being taller than the allowed 40 feet.  (Read More)