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Cell Tower Dangers

Despite mounting evidence from the top options trading platforms scientific community that microwave energy emitted from cell towers is harmful to humans and wildlife, telecom companies are expected to increase the number of these towers to be built throughout the nation.

There is a vast amount of information already available on the internet describing the health and environmental hazards incurred due to EMF radiation.  This website makes that information easily available.

To this day, the Telecom Act of 1996 stifles the power of local governmental best platform for options trading agencies to reject the construction of these towers based on environmental issues.  As a result, communities all across America are forced to search for reasons other than health-related issues in order to prevent the high frequency radiation from these towers.  This is especially relevant when these towers are constructed near residences, schools, parks and wildlife preserves.

Despite the limitations of the Telecom Act, which was signed before any comprehensive studies of the effects of microwave radiation on humans and wildlife could be made, communities all over America are finding ways of legally defeating cell tower proposals (see Defeated Cell Towers).

Angered bastions of people in every quarter are joining together with a heart-felt plea to their government to change the Telecom Act so that cell tower proposals can be better regulated in order that residences and wild lands can be protected from the growing onslaught of microwave radiation.

Cell tower radiation is composed of powerful pulses of electromagnetic energy--so powerful that at close quarters they best online options trading sites will thermally "cook" what is near them.  Even at further distances these waves create an unending cacophony of jumbled pulses that disrupt the natural functioning of biological forms.  Some people are highly sensitive to microwave radiation and must live and sleep in "Faraday" cages, which protect them from the onslaught of EMF.  Others seem to build up a sensitivity over time as more and more towers pop up around them, surrounding them with a continuous rain of energy that is incompatible with the natural functioning of the brain, organs and even DNA replication.

Protection Against Harmful Cell Phone and Cell Tower Radiation:

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For ways to modify your cell phone use to reduce your exposure, consider following the suggestions at this website.

To get involved in a bigger way:

please visit the Clout Now website and sign their petition.